People are talking! Parents, seniors, high school students, and individuals from all walks of life are committing to vote for Elise on March 29th. Read a few of her most recent endorsements below.

Josh Ostroff, Former Select Board Member, and Town Meeting Member

I am voting for Elise Gorseth for the Natick School Committee on March 29 because I know her to be a thoughtful, farsighted and independent leader who will bring collegiality, diligence and relevant experience to this important role. Elise is well prepared to serve, and will be a constructive voice in partnership with our talented educators to help the Natick Public Schools serve our kids, our families and our community.

Kristine Black, former Lilja PTO President, Town Meeting Member, Public School Teacher

I am writing to endorse Elise Gorseth for School Committee. I have known Elise since our now sixth graders were in kindergarten.  We worked together when I served as the Lilja PTO president and Elise was on the Lilja School Council and most recently, we have served together as Town Meeting members. I have always admired Elise’s commitment to Natick and especially to Natick Public Schools. Her quest to be better informed and to understand the inner workings of our school system has always stood out to me.

Most parents are invested in their own children’s education, and we show up to meetings that impact our own children. Elise, however, is invested in all of our children.  When Lilja School was looking for a new principal for the 2020-2021 school year, Elise’s daughters were in fourth grade and moving onto middle school. Elise was therefore one of the last people I expected to see at the question and answer night with the three principal candidate finalists. Admittedly, I was there as my youngest had two more years to go at Lilja. Not only did Elise show up, but she asked questions of the candidates and was clearly invested in the process.  A process whose result would have no impact on her own children. She even stuck around after as a small group of us discussed the candidates and their responses.  That night has always stood out in my mind when I think about Elise. This is how I know that Elise will show up for our kids and our schools if elected to the School Committee, and I confidently endorse her as a former public school teacher, PTO president and Town Meeting member.

Paige Adams, Town Meeting Member

I am proud to support Elise Gorseth for the Natick School Committee. Elise is a collaborative and strategic leader who is compassionate and trustworthy, smart and prepared, and always follows through. She is a bridge builder and hard worker, and is completely ready for this important job and the challenges we face as a school district.