Communication to Achieve Shared Vision

While I’ve always felt heard when I’ve approached School Committee members with a concern, I believe there is an opportunity to do more. School Committee members have an obligation to ensure that the actions they take reflect the desires of the entire Natick community and that there is robust two-way communication. I would like to see the committee more actively follow up on community concerns, and diligently work with school administration to make sure we are being truly responsive.  


For example, it would help everyone to make the school budgeting process more clear and transparent. I have closely followed the annual town budgeting process, and every year people complain that it is difficult to understand. The School Committee is not responsible for developing the budget, but they do approve it. I would love to see the School Committee suggest adding a goal to the strategic plan: improve the budgeting process so it’s more accessible to constituents. 

Greater community understanding would increase support for the committee as it works through challenges. Everyone would benefit.